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Georges Rouault

A Steadfast Vision



Georges Rouault: A Steadfast Vision has been assembled to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth and to introduce this critically important artist of faith from the 20th century. Every Christian should be acquainted with his profound vision.


Georges Rouault (1871–1958), considered as the most important Christian artist of the 20th century, knew his calling and stood firm against the tide of current art movements in the early twentieth century. Rouault found little attraction in the various art movements of his day, but worked believing that art flowed out of an interior life. He maintained a solitary path, a lonely journey to depict the world as he saw it. And with this steadfast vision before him, he relied more and more on his faith to guide his art making. Even when others, discouraged his artistic direction, he stayed the course and followed his vision.


Rouault was apprenticed in his youth to a stained glass firm and a medieval spirit resonates throughout his work, vividly seen with the black outlines that encased his figures and images, much as in a medieval stained glass window. This influence can be seen in all of his paintings and prints where a dark outline encompasses each figure and object.


Rouault believed that his art was more than just a means of personal expression. He considered his occupation as calling and felt honored to communicate the message of the Gospel to a troubled world.


This exhibition focuses on Rouault’s printmaking efforts. As a printmaker he worked in complex techniques that entailed a long and arduous process. A total of 18 prints are included in Georges Rouault: A Steadfast Vision. Five etchings from his Miserere Series, considered one of the most important printmaking suites of the twentieth century, incorporates multiple techniques to enrich the surface of each print. Other luminous aquatints from The Passion, along with several engravings and three lithographs, complete the glimpse of his work.


Miserere 6 pieces

Miserere #1

Miserere #4, Take refuge in your heart, poor wanderer

Miserere #7,  We believe ourselves kings

Miserere #18, The Condemned man went away

Miserere #33, Veronica is still among us with her veil of compassion

Miserere #57, He was obedient even the death on the cross


PASSION 9 pieces

Christ and the Woman Saint

Christ and the Children

Christ au Faubourg

Man Carrying Cross

Christ at the Doorway

Head of Christ

Christ on the Cross

Christ in Conversation

Head of Christ


Lithographs 3 pieces

Crucifixion 1965

Bouquet, lithograph from Verve
Head of Young Girl, lithograph from Verve 5/6



This show contains:


  • A file for a handout designed for distribution.
  • Digital files of each piece in the show
  • Insurance will be supplied for the work in transit other than the $1000 deductible that will need to be covered by each venue.
  • Instructions for unpacking and packing
  • Suggestions for shipping

Cost of rental is $300 per month (plus shipping).

Exhibitions of this Collection

Jan 1 – Apr 30, 2021

First Presbyterian Church of Flint

 746 S. Saginaw St.  Flint, MI 48503     810 234 8673

Contact: Carl Angelo


September 1 to November 30, 2020

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

222 N Wingate St, Wake Forest, NC 27587,

Contact: Emily Harrison   (919)761-2190


Alexandra Jean Davison   609.665.5216


February 15 to May 15, 2020

First Presbyterian Church of Hilton Head

 540 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head, SC 29928

Contact  Nancy Millette,

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