Marc Chagall & the Bible


Bowden Collections is offering an expanded Marc Chagall and the Bible traveling exhibition beginning in 2017.


Among the 55 pieces in this exhibition there are 42 brilliantly colored images from his 1956 and 1960 suites of Bible lithographs. Also included are 10 of the 105 etchings originally intended to be illustrations for an Old Testament Bible. Each is a delightful and colorful interpretation that lets the viewer enter the worlds of the Chagall and the Bible.


It is most interesting that Chagall, a Russian Jew, would have used the Crucifixion in so many of his works, yet numerous of his pieces include the Crucifixion as a reference or the subject of his paintings. Mystical Crucifixion and Christ in the Clock, two colored lithographs in this exhibition, demonstrate his fascination with this theme.


Marc Chagall (1877–1985) is perhaps the foremost visual interpreter of the Bible in the 20th Century. His art is filled with his own reoccurring symbols of visual memory and imagination. He said he did not see the Bible, but he dreamed it, even as a child. Chagall’s vision of the Old Testament combines his Jewish heritage and modern art giving us a rich display of symbol and imagination.


This show contains:

  • 56 Chagall etchings and lithographs
  • digital files for each image
  • Essay file for a handout [download]
  • text for labels to accompany each piece
  • packing and shipping instructions


The show rents for $800 for four weeks (plus shipping). With the rental of two months the third month is free.


By Sandra Bowden


Marc Chagall (1887–1985) is perhaps the foremost visual interpreter of the Bible in the twentieth century.  With wit and joy, he has given us marvelous depictions of the stories we know so well from the Old Testament. His art is filled with his own reoccurring symbols drawn from visual memory and imagination. Chagall wrote that “Our whole inner world is a reality, perhaps more real than the apparent world.” Chagall’s vision of the Old Testament combines his Jewish heritage and modern art in rich images of multiple meanings. He said that he did not see the Bible, but he dreamed it, even as a child.. . .


Art by Chagall on display at Glencairn

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Artist Marc Chagall was prolific, creating paintings, book illustrations, stained glass pieces, stage sets, ceramics, tapestries, and fine art prints. He’s possibly best known around the world for his religious works. Some of those works are on display in the exhibit “Marc Chagall and the Bible” at Glencairn Museum, courtesy of private collector Sandra Bowden.


Marc Zakharovich Chagall (1887-1985) was a Russian-French artist. He was considered a pioneer of modernism, known for his use of color and his desire to share his Jewish heritage through his work. [Read whole article]

Bowden Collections offers a variety of traveling exhibitions available to museums, churches, colleges and seminaries: several feature the work of important historical artists such as Georges Rouault, Marc Chagall, Ottos Dix and Alfred Manessier; others explore topics related to the Bible. A packet containing everything needed to mount the exhibition with files for labels, itemized lists, a brochure or flyer in PDF format, high-resolution digital files of art in the exhibition, and shipping information is provided. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping, usually to the following venue.

  1956 Verve Series

 1960 Verve Series

The Bible series


1956 Verve Series

17 lithographs from the 1956 Verve Bible images


1. Abraham and Sarah

2. Angel of Paradise

3. David and Absalom

4. David and Bathsheba

5. David and His Harp

6. Daniel in the Lion’s Den

7. Isaiah

8. Jeremiah

9. Jeremiah Lamentations

10. Moses III

11. Moses II

12. Moses Receiving the Tablets of the law

13. Moses I

14. Solomon

15. The Bible/Angel

16. Angel

17. Angel with Sword

1960 Verve Series

25 pieces from 1960 Verve Bible images


1. Cover

2. Face of Israel

3. Paradise

4. Paradise (green)

5. Creation

6. Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit

7. Eve Incurs God’s Displeasure

8. Adam and Eve Are Banished from Paradise

9. Cain and Abel

10. Sarah and Abimelech

11. Sarah and the Angels

12. Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert

13. Rachael Hides Her Father’s Household Idols

14. Tamar, Daughter-in-Law of Judah

15. Rahab and the Spies of Jericho

16. Naomi and her Daughters-in-law

17. Ruth Gleaning

18. Meeting of Ruth and Boaz

19. Ruth and at the Feet of Boaz

20. Boaz Wakes and Sees Ruth at His Feet

21. David Saved by Michal

22. Ahasuerus Sends Vashti Away

23. Ester

24. Job Praying

25. Job in Despair



10 etchings from the
Bible series

  1. Sacrifice of Abraham/Isaac
  2. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
  3. Joshua and the Rock of Shechem
  4. Samson and Delilah
  5. Anointing of Saul
  6. Solomon on his Throne
  7. Promise to Jerusalem
  8. Jeremiah in the Pit
  9. Song of the Bow
  10. Moses and the Serpent


6 miscellaneous


  1. Mystical Crucifixion
  2. Christ in the Clock
  3. Self Portrait

Exhibitions of this Collection


June 30 to September 25, 2018

Wilshire Baptist Church

4316 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75214

Contact Mark Wingfield, Associate Pastor

(214) 452-3128


January 15 to February 27, 2018

Anderson University

1100 East Fifth Street

Anderson, IN 46012

Contact: Tai Lipan


March 10 to June 10, 2018

St Andrews Church

440 Whilden St

Mt Pleasant  SC  29484

Contact: Dwight Huthwaite

(843) 284-4348



August 15 – October 14 2017

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg VA 24515

Contact: Todd Smith,

434 582 2285


August 20 to September 30, 2016

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

College of Visual and Performing Arts

900 College Street

Belton, TX 76513

Contact: Ted Barnes, Dean



May 22 to Aug 14, 2016

Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas

1201 NE McCollum Road

Bentonville AR, 72712

Contact: Tim Logan, associate pastor

479.464.7223 Ext. 108, Cell: 479-586-6268


February 22 to May 22, 2016

Westminster Presbyterian Church

8955 Columbia Ave

Munster, Indiana 46321

(219) 838-3131

Contact: Shari LeMonnier