Journey to the Cross




Journey to the Cross:
Through the Eyes of Children


The exhibition includes eighteen delightful tempera paintings that were created by sixth graders in response to the art of the French artist Georges Rouault. After studying Rouault’s work each child interpreted a scene from Christ’s Holy Week journey that began on Palm Sunday and ended with his death and resurrection.


The exhibition's artwork includes

1. Triumphal Entry

2. Last Supper

3. Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

4. Peter Denies Jesus

5. Jesus Before Pilate and the Crowds

6. Soldiers Whipping Jesus

7. Cyrene Carried his Cross

8. Soldiers Place Jesus on the Cross

9. Sign Placed on Cross



This show includes:

  • 18 tempera painting
  • digital files of each painting
  • biblical text to use as labels
  • information on Georges Rouault
  • instructions for a children’s art project based upon Georges Rouault’s art
  • packing and shipping information



Cost of rental is $200 for four weeks (plus shipping).With the rental of two months the third month is free.

10. Crowds Before the Cross

11. Soldier Thrusts Spear into Jesus' Side

12. It is Finished

13. Sun Turns Dark

14. Body Taken Down

15 . Guards at the Tomb

16. He Has Risen

17. Tomb with Linens

18. Jesus with Mary in the Garden


Bowden Collections offers a variety of traveling exhibitions available to museums, churches, colleges and seminaries: several feature the work of important historical artists such as Georges Rouault, Marc Chagall, Ottos Dix and Alfred Manessier; others explore topics related to the Bible. A packet containing everything needed to mount the exhibition with files for labels, itemized lists, a brochure or flyer in PDF format, high-resolution digital files of art in the exhibition, and shipping information is provided. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping, usually to the following venue.

Exhibitions of this Collection

March 1 to April 30, 2014

Saint Richard’s Episcopal Church

1420 East palm Valley Blvd.

Round Rock, TX y8664


Contact: Rev Stu Shelby


December 1 to December 30, 2013

First Baptist Church of Scottsdale

7025 E Osborn Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Contact: Barbara Glen

480 945 6346


March 1 to April 30, 2013

First Presbyterian Church of Flint

746 S. Saginaw St.

Flint, MI 48503

Contact: Ed Bradley


The show rents for $200 /month, with a minimum of 4 weeks per venue. With the rental of two months the third month is free.