Eden to Eternity


This show has 40 stunning molas from the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama that tell the story of the Bible, from the Garden of Eden to the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. Molas are panels of reversed embroidery originally applied to the front and back of the Cuna women's blouses. Each mola is a beautifully designed interpretation of biblical stories with whimsical treatments and tender insights.


All the molas are mounted over 16” x 20” canvas covered stretcher strips, and the fabric edges of the embroideries are exposed to more readily understand the technique.


This show includes:

  • 40 molas which are framed and ready to hang and three authentic Cuna blouses with front and back panels
  • digital file for a handout to accompany the exhibition
  • file with biblical text and description of each piece to use for labels
  • instructions for a suggested art project for children
  • binder with photos of Cuna Indians creating the molas
  • shipping and crating information (ships in one wooden crate)


The exhibition's artwork includes 40 Molas with Biblical Themes:


1. Adam and Eve with the Animals

2. Eve and the Snake

3. Adam and Eve and Satan

4. Noah’s Ark

5. Abraham and Isaac-Sacrifice

6. Baby Moses Saved by Princess

7. Moses , Curse of the Firstborn

8. Pharaoh’s Army Drowns

9. Golden Calf

10. Walls of Jericho

11. Wise King Solomon

12. David and Goliath

13. Abigail gives food to David

14. Sampson Wrestles with the Lion

15. Jonah and the Whale

16. Jonah Under the Vine

17. Daniel in the Lion’s Den

18. Annunciation

19. Nativity with Stars

20. Birth of Christ in Stable





21. Mary and the Baby

22. Baptism of Jesus

23. Jesus & Disciples-Sea of Galilee

24. Jesus Raises the Dead

25. Woman at the Well

26. Last Supper

27. Jesus Carrying the Cross

28. Christ on the Cross

29. Crucifixion-Mary faints

30. The Death of Jesus

31. Grieving Marys

32. Jesus Dies

33. Descent from the Cross

34. La Resurrection

35. Resurrection

36. Trinity

37. Saint Francis

38. Angel with Baseball Cap

39. Angel with Banjo

40. Angel with Trumpet


By Sandra Bowden


The Cuna Indians live on the San Blas Archipelago off the Caribbean coast of Panama. They are politically autonomous and much of their traditional culture is intact. Within a short span of time, around 100 years, a remarkable art form, the mola, emerged and grew to full flower.

Cost of rental is $300 for four weeks (plus shipping).With the rental of two months the third month is free.

Exhibitions of this Collection

November 1 to January 31? Or Feb 28

Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas

1201 NE McCollum Road

Bentonville AR, 72712

Contact: Tim Logan, associate pastor  

479.464.7223 Ext. 108, or 479.426.2249



April 1 to May 31, 2017

First Baptist Church

600 Govemors Dr, Huntsville, AL 35801

Attention: Debbie Bell

Contact Bob Saint

256 679 6321


June 1 to August 30, 2016

St Andrews Church

440 Whilden St

Mt Pleasant, SC  29484

Contact: Dwight Huthwaite


February 16 to March 29, 2016

Woods Memorial Presbyterian

611 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.

Severna Park, Maryland 21146

Contact person:  Martha Walker



January 15 to April 15, 2015

Glencairn Museum

1001 Cathedral Road, Box 757

Bryn Athyn, PA 19009-0757

Contact: Ed Gyllenhaal Curator


The show rents for $300/month, with a minimum of 4 weeks per venue. With the rental of two months the third month is free.

Bowden Collections offers a variety of traveling exhibitions available to museums, churches, colleges and seminaries: several feature the work of important historical artists such as Georges Rouault, Marc Chagall, Ottos Dix and Alfred Manessier; others explore topics related to the Bible. A packet containing everything needed to mount the exhibition with files for labels, itemized lists, a brochure or flyer in PDF format, high-resolution digital files of art in the exhibition, and shipping information is provided. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping, usually to the following venue.